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go ramblers!

Fraser Public Schools

go ramblers!

Fraser Public Schools

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Posted 1 month ago @ 11:38AM

2022 Richards Middle School Football

2022 7th and 8th Grade Richards Football Schedule 

  8th grade Sign-Up & Helmet Fitting during Orientation 8/17 in Gym 2-5pm  

  7th grade Sign-Up & Helmet Fitting  during Orientation 8/18 in Gym 2-5pm 

  Players must bring: 

  • Physical dated after April 15, 2022 
    Pay to participate form or receipt of on-line payment. Online payment info may be found at: then click on Athletics  
  • A combination lock for your locker 


Practice Schedule


Thursday,, August 25th - 1st Day of Conditioning- Helmets & mouthpiece 3-5 pm  

Friday,, August 26th - 2nd Day of Conditioning-Helmet & mouthpiece 3-5 pm  

Monday, August 29th - 3rd Day of Conditioning-Helmet & mouthpiece 3-5 pm 

 Tuesday, August 30th - 4th Day of Conditioning-Helmet & mouthpiece 3-5 pm  

Wednesday, August 31st - Practice, shoulder pad distribution 3-5 pm 

Thursday, Sept 1st - Shoulder Pads & Helmets, pant distribution 3-5 pm 

Friday, Sept 2nd - Potential Concussion Test Date, Will check with Head Athletic Trainer 

Tuesday, Sept 6th - Full pad practice 3-5 pm  

Wednesday, Sept 7th - Full pad practice 3-5 pm  

Thursday, Sept 8th - Full pad practice 3-5 pm  

Friday, Sept 9th - Full pad practice 3-5 pm  

Monday, Sept 12th - Full pad practice 3-5 pm  

Tuesday, Sept 13th - Scrimmage @ Seneca.  More details to come. 

Wednesday, Sept 14th - No Practice/Early Release Day 

 Thursday, Sept 15th - Full pad practice 3-5 pm  

Friday, Sept 16th - Full pad practice 3-5 pm  

All Practices are Mandatory!!!  



Football Coach Information  


7th Grade Coaches: Erik Anderson, Brent Carter, Steve Norgrove

Anderson email:  

8th Grade Coaches: Brad Truszkowski, Mike Kuharcik

 Truszkowski email:  



Richards Football 2022 

1.All players must have a physical form completed by a physician dated after April 15, 2022.  The physical will be good for the 2022/23 school year. 

2. All pay to participate forms must be completed with payment before the first regular season game. Without payment, your student athlete may not participate. All pay to participate information is available at: click on the Athletics tab and you will find the form  

3. Other athletic forms from the district: FamilyID will be handed out during signups for the players to take home and have completed. These must be turned in before our first scrimmage.  

4. Players are expected to be at every scheduled practice. If your student athlete needs to miss practice, please let the coaches know in advance.  

5. Coaches will receive eligibility reports from teachers on a weekly basis. Students will be eligible to participate with satisfactory reports in academics, behavior, and effort. If a student has an unsatisfactory mark in any of those areas, they will receive a point. 3 points accumulated for a given week, will cause that player to be ineligible to play for that week.  

6. All parents are required to attend a MANDATORY district athletic meeting that will deal with eligibility and expectations throughout your student’s athletic career in Fraser Public Schools. Details will be announced when they are confirmed with our Athletic Director, Shane Redshaw.  

7. Parent volunteers will be needed for home games with concessions and the chains. Mr Redshaw will have more information on how and where to sign up.  

8. Fraser Public Schools prohibits parents to be volunteer coaches at practices or during games if they have a child attending that school.  

9. When it comes to concerns over playing time, we would prefer the athlete meet with the coaches after practice to discuss what they need to do to earn more playing time. The players are at practice everyday and witness efforts and performances given on a daily basis.  

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